MISSION: In a simple and casual way, my mission is to inspire people to cultivate the Art of Life ( l’Art de vivre)  in their daily life. My passion is to share relevant information related to the great pleasures of life: Food, Wine, Cooking, Travel, Inspiring People and Quality Products. The main purpose of this media is to be a lifestyle reference and the starting point of a community of passionate people who enjoy the best life has to offer.

HOW: By giving exposure to inspiring people who create outstanding products in the field of food, wine, hospitality, travel and lifestyle. By promoting the work of passionate artisans who participate with a conscious mind towards the creation of a better life and a sustainable future for the generations to come.

By sharing information and ideas that inspire the Art of Life in every aspect of our experience. In a casual and unpretentious way, my goal is not to criticize but to highlight the quintessence of what people and life have to offer. This media is meant to be a reference and a guide to quality and integrity, from the products back to the passionate people who creates them.



I will sometimes write about products that I am testing, about restaurants where I was invited or that I discovered on my own. I do not pretend to be a Food Critic. I am a long standing foodie passionate about sharing my appreciation of the products or the places I visit with my usual enthusiasm and to the best of my knowledge.

If I write about someone, a place or a product it is because I find them particularly interesting and I considered that it worth sharing. I do not thrive on the negative aspects of any given experience and I rarely waste any time mentioning it unless it is really necessary for the common good of all. I sincerely believe everyone does the best they can even if some do better than others.

In any circumstances I am being paid by companies, restaurants or people to write a flattering article on their behalf. In the event of a sponsored blog, it will be clearly mentioned.